The 2008 Proven Call for Entries has begun! Submit your film!

That's right! It's never too early to start the Proven call for entries. We do it this way so that t he folks on the mountains have sufficient time to get the footage they need for their film entry. And while the deadline isn't until the end of August, Proven film makers are hard at work now, knowing that August will be here in a blink of an eye. So submit your film!

And films this year? Same as always, 7 minutes or less, surf/skate/snow only, made primarily in New England and once again, focus on story. We have had films in the past few years that would have won the festival and taken home the prize save for their lack of even a thread of story. We aren't saying films need to be dialogue heavy, but some sort of thread holding the film together will give a film a leg up on the competition.

The 2007 Peoples Choice!
After the contest in '07 we put it to the public as to which film they thought was their favorite! The peoples choice part of the contest went until the new call for enties so essentially the public had 3 months to decide whether they thought the Proven judges had picked right. Well, the winner is.....A Piece Of The Struggle! Check it out here. The snowboarding film by Matt Roy and Chris Maffeo eked out the other front runner Loose Screws by a mere 100 votes. Matt and Chris will be receiving a POV cam set up for use in their future film making. So Congratulations to our film makers. As always, if you think you could do better with your own film, the PROVE IT! Submit your film for the 2008 Proven Festival!

To the right you can see the Proven TV special that is airing on the RSN network nationwide to over 54 million viewers! (big file- be patient!)